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Sipping drinks poolside is just about everyone's quintessential idea of perfection. But, what happens if that margarita glass shatters poolside?

Broken glass can ruin your pool day. But, it can also do so much more. Glass is invisible in pool water. Scooping it out with your net will not guarantee that you have gotten all the glass. And stepping on shards of glass can land a friend or loved one in the emergency room. Vacuuming the pool can damage equipment and seriously hurt your wallet. It can be a very costly mistake to try and take care of the problem by yourself.

The best way to get shattered glass out of the pool is to have it professionally drained, cleaned out and then refilled. It’s a lot less costly than replacing the entire filtration system or an emergency room visit. Contact us if you need help.

The best way to prevent a glass heartbreak is to use plastic drinkware poolside. Also, glass patio furniture should be moved to a secure location during storms. Limit glass break opportunities as much as possible.


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