• Melissa Tomlin, Marketing

Pool Exercises to Keep Your Resolutions

Day One: Got all my steps in and stuck to the meal plan.

Day Two: Got almost all my steps in and snuck some chocolate in as a snack.

Day Fifteen: Don’t ask...

If you’re anything like me, by day 15, the fantasy has worn off and reality has set in. To reach this year’s resolutions requires a plan and dedication. So, I started looking at options to keep me interested.

I can remember my mom teaching water aerobics growing up. She taught through a physical therapy program for elderly patients. So, I always associated water aerobics with getting older. But, now that I am “older” and thinking about my future health, water aerobics has more appeal. Here are some instructions from @Aquabellefitness for programs I found that aren’t your mom’s water aerobics.

Have you ever done water aerobics? It’s is seriously tough! Let me know if you do water aerobics or would like to see more articles about fitness options for your pool!

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