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Swimsuit Season... Think Color/Safety

Alive Solutions did a phenomenal test on the safety of swimwear colors in pool water. It is important to consider color choices, especially when choosing children's swimwear, before making a purchase. That white, ruffled swimsuit or those blue trunks may be adorable on. But, will they be easy to spot in your swimming pool?

Think bright and contrasting when choosing swimwear this season. Below is a photo of the examples they did on a light color pool bottom. The top photo in each section is the fabric underwater, and the bottom photo is the fabric with surface agitation.

The least safe color choices are white and light blue (check out how they disappear) and the top choices would be neon pink and neon orange.

Although the darker colors show up on a light pool bottom they can often be dismissed for a pile of leaves, dirt, or a shadow so Alive Solutions recommends staying away from those colors when possible.

Increase that visibility...think bright and contrasting!

Pretty interesting, huh?!?

They also tested the colors in a lake. Check out those findings in this post linked here.


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