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Why Does Having a Certified Pool Professional Matter?

Proper pool maintenance is extremely important. It's definitely a big job for a commercial pool, public pool, or water park - but it can also be overwhelming for a homeowner trying to care for their residential pool. Some people may think it can’t be that difficult to keep a pool clean and operating properly, however it involves a lot more than just vacuuming the pool and removing insects, leaves, and other debris out of the water. The proper balance of water chemistry and the maintenance of equipment are critical. These tasks have to be done at least once a week. To keep your pool clean, healthy, and safe for those who use it; enlisting the services of a Certified Pool Operator® is typically a wise investment.


A Certified Pool Operator®, or CPO®, manages the mechanical system operations, maintenance, chemical treatments and filtration of various commercial and/or residential aquatic facilities. Training to become a CPO® covers a wide variety of tasks. Florida requires pool service companies and their technicians complete the National Swimming Pool Foundation® (NSPF®) Certified Pool/Spa Operator Certification® (CPO®) course.

This course covers public bathing codes, water chemistry, filtration and circulation, seasonal pool care, pool management strategies and requirements, energy management, calculations, water testing, chemical adjustments, maintenance and operational problems, and disease and accident prevention. While some of these, like bathing codes, may only apply to commercial swimming facilities, most are applicable to both residential and commercial pools.


Commercial or residential, a pool is a big investment and taking care of it will not only keep it clean but extend the life of pool equipment and the pool itself. During professional cleaning and maintenance, a Certified Pool Operator® will inspect the pool walls and floor, equipment, and address water balance to prevent long term damage.

This inspection can identify cracks, sharp edges, and other hazards that need repair. Finding and addressing these as quickly as possible will keep minor issues from becoming costly repairs.


Being certain that your pool is clean and properly maintained will allow you to be confident that your pool is safe and healthy for your family or guests. A Certified Pool Operator® will check pool water chemistry in the water and clean the filter. They will also inspect the pump and all other pool equipment to make sure it is operating properly.


A crystal clean pool in excellent condition can significantly increase the value of a property. Even if you’re not currently considering selling your property, you may change your mind in the future. Hiring a Certified Pool Operator® to clean and maintain your pool will help avoid major repairs or a negative impact on property value when it comes time to put your property on the market.


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