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Fun Activities Around Your Pool in Fall

Fall and winter are times when most people close down their pools for the year and let them lie dormant until the next summer. However, there are ways you can have fun around your Florida Swimming pools even in the cold weather! Fortunately, Florida winters are mild enough to allow for some real outdoor fun all year long. The following are a few ideas for fun activities to enjoy in your pool area this winter:

  • A holiday cookout. Burgers, hot dogs, and steaks aren’t only for the summer! Invite some friends and neighbors over and have an awesome get together to celebrate the holidays! Hold a backyard football game or a driveway basketball tournament or practice hitting the volleyball back and forth across the pool. To up the stakes, you can say whoever hits the ball into the pool has to then fish it out. If you’re brave, you could even have a cannonball competition, followed immediately afterwards by a spell next to the bonfire and some warm hot chocolate.

  • A remote controlled boat race. Remote controlled boats aren’t as popular now as they used to be, but it can still be a lot of fun to pull out some old boats and race them across the pool. Or, if you’re not feeling the spirit of competition, simply do tricks with the boats; set up an obstacle course of floats and pilot the boat throughout without hitting any of the obstacles.

  • A nighttime holiday party. Hang string lights around your pool area and turn on the pool lights to make sure everyone can see where they are walking. Have festive holiday decorations up, and serve the food in individually wrapped packages like Christmas presents.

  • Hot drinks around the pool. Host a night with all your adult friends, and have a relaxing time sitting around a bonfire near your outdoor pool with no kids around. Serve hot chocolate, hot apple cider, and mulled wine, and spend time enjoying the season outdoors. Include candy canes, marshmallows, cinnamon sticks, and other holiday food that can potentially be added to your hot drinks.

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