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How Often You Should Replace Your Pool Filter

Pool-filter cartridges are used to keep home swimming pools and spas clean, and they can be used for pools with a capacity of 30,000 gallons or less volume of water. The filter cartridge is generally made of polyester cloth or corrugated paper that acts as filter. When the filter is dirty and clogged, the water in the entire pool can become dirty. Check out these guidelines below to know how often your pool filter should be replaced to keep your water safe and clean.

General Filter Life Pool-filter cartridges can run for about 2,000 hours in a filter pump. Usually, filter cartridges have to be replaced once every year. The filter, however, will not last as long if you enter the pool with suntan lotion, deodorants, hair-care products, and other chemicals. To know when to replace it, your technician will periodically check the filter’s condition. If the cloth looks loose, or if the cartridge looks cracked, it’s time to replace it with a new one. Usage and Size Replacing the pool-filter cartridge depends on the size of your pool and how often it’s used. It also depends on the quality of water used. When there are a lot of people using the pool often, these filters get clogged and dirty from body oils, dirt, and other waste. For more information on replacing your pool filter or to ask about scheduling service, contact us today!


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